Объявлен победитель конкурса "Молодые Львы-2019" в категории FILM

14 Марта 2019 4619 0 Cannes Lions

13 марта в Минске был объявлен победитель национального этапа конкурса Young Cannes Lions  в категории FILM. Получив  3 Gold и 2 Silver, им стала Команда №6: Анна Дервинчик и Владимир Варава. Напомним, Владимир Варава в прошлом году также победил в категории FILM в составе с  Дмитрием Дорошенко.  


Комментарии жюри:

Филип Гонзаченцо, Арт-директор Publicis Conseil Paris (France)

Gold - Team #6
clear message. what’s not there to like? there’s also the tone of voice that is less cringy that we are used to and i like that.
Silver - Team #7
cool concept, but do add more emotion to it the next time
Bronze - Team #5
cool emotion at the beginning

Теодора Мигдаловичи, Официальный представитель Cannes Lions (Румыния)

Gold – Team #2
Good, surprising, fresh execution, MTV visual code, which makes it intriguing and memorable. It is close to cliché, but the good execution saved the day
Silver – Team #6
Objects as testimony, loved the tune – there is no need of somber tone to raise awareness, also the idea to talk through objects, no persons, about people’s problems
Bronze – Team #7
woman avoiding getting home for fear of bad reactions

Лео- Константин Шейхност, Основатель и креативный директор HFA Studio (Австрия)

Gold – Team #2
By far the best film entry. Great Idea and well executed. Got my attention from the first second. Congratulations!
Silver – Team #6
Beautiful film- love the calm and the story it tells
Bronze – Team #5

Сахар Лювинштейн, Соонователь и креативный директор Hooligans (Израиль)

Gold – Team #8
Great execution, simple, minimalist and smart, for a great insight. Loved it.
It’s a classic example for less is more
Silver – Team #5
It’s good because it’s hard to watch. Maybe because it reminds the way kids show what’s been done to them on dolls
Bronze – Team #2
It’s a very refreshing and unconventional angle, showing violence as fashion / music video. The contrast between the hard theme but the poppy execution makes it very interesting and maybe more accessible than any other film on violence.
Great idea, but the execution could be better. With bigger budget and more accurate direction, it can be amazing.

Пенко Котов, креативный директор агентства Noble Graphics, (Болгария)

Gold - Team #6
A clever metaphor for the effects of violence and a strong reminder for the witnesses’ responsibility to speak up.
Silver - Team #5
The visually impactful (and disturbing to some extent) scenes in the video deliver the message in a direct way.
Bronze - Team #8
The literal visualization of the sound of violence and the power of words through audio waveforms is a nice and simple idea, and sometimes that’s the best way to go.

Фран Мубрин, Креативный директор агентства 404 (Хорватия)

Gold - Team #6

  • The solution is simple and based on good insight
  • The video concept is very clear and straightforward
  • Authors used very original and simple metaphors to describe the complex social problem
  • The overall message is very powerful

Silver - Team #2

  • Great use of art-direction (definitely the best in category)
  • Very nice video editing based on sound flow - everything is in balance
  • The message has great mainstream potential - very relevant to the target group

Bronze - Team #7

·       The end of the movie is engaging and has a memorable message

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