Belarus Young Creatives 2017: кто победил в категориях Print и Film


В пятницу 17 марта в КЗ "Минск" были объявлены победители конкурса Belarus Young Creatives 2017 в категориях Print и Film. Именно они будут представлять Беларусь на международном конкурсе среди молодых рекламистов в Каннах в рамках фестиваля рекламы Cannes Lions 2017. Представляем призеров и комментарии жюри к работам из шорт-листов.   

Получив 2 Gold и 1 Silver победителем конкурса PRINT становится Команда №16: Николай Кривец и Дарья Стрижёнок

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Комментарии жюри

Ленка Словак Бонова (Lenka Slovák Bónová) – Creative Director Respect APP (Словакия)

Gold - Team # 16

Very nicely done. I like the insight - children see it too so speak to them. It is about safety, about sex, about time. It has nice execution.

Silver - Team # 2

Beautiful execution. It is on the second place because it doesnt speak about safety or time, it is only about reproduction. But it is really nice work.

Bronze - Team # 5

Funny way how to speak about safety. 

Яаакко Вейола (Jaakko Veijola) – Partner, Creative  Director Wörks (Финляндия)

Gold - Team 3

Elegant but humorous execution urges parents by using professional metaphors.

Silver - Team 16

Stylish execution catches your attention by communicating that your child shares the same world already.

Bronze - Team 1

Clever insight shows are you ready to see consequences. 

Лалиндра Найаккара (Lalindra Nayakkara) – Executive Creative Director Leo Burnett (Шри-Ланка)

Gold - #16

Great idea. Engaging (pardon my pun). Contemporary. The bold art direction cuts through clutter. Copy also keeps it simple without trying to sound clever. Fresh approach to solving the problem. Multiple executions show the extendibility of idea. Winner. Well done. 

Silver - #9

Excellent idea. Fresh approach. Gets under the radar and delivers the payload with a bang. Copy is nice. Could have given a run for 1st place if there were more executions and not done as a one off.

Bronze - #10

Bold and fresh idea. Personally I wonder if the general public would realize that these are sexual organ restraints. Male one is clearer to understand than the female execution. Good job. 

Питер О’Двайер (Peter O’Dwyer) – Creative Director of Havas Ireland (Ирландия)


the entry with the line.

“this is a good way to explain sex to a kid/system administrator”

Really like this route, very clever and engaging. Great art-direction.



Very clever insight into the fact that teenagers don’t want to talk, but they should, really nice art-direction too.


A more direct approach, but one that makes parent realise that it’s time to talk, but doesn’t scare them.

Получив 2 Gold и 2 Bronze победителем конкурса FILM становится Команда №2: Владимир Варава и Анастасия Авдеенко

Комментарии жюри 

Мартин Кедер (Martin Keder) – Copywriter Senior Wiktor Leo Burnett (Словакия)

Gold - № 2 (Dad practising)

A winner! Simple yet powerful idea that really shows the consequences of hesitating to talk to your kid. I really like the ending and the punch-line. I appreciate that the team didn’t fall back on some little joke but really comprehended the problem in it’s width. Maybe a little tip - if you would show the dad practising in viarious situations (in the shower, in the kitchen while preparing a breakfast for the kid…) it would be even more pleasant to watch. Nevertheless, this is the work that stands above all others.

Silver - № 7 (Google)

I really like the insight here - it’s modern and relevant. I appreciate that the team used powerful imagery to deliver the problem which makes the ad easier to remember.

Bronze - № 5 (Banana)

A good example of how a simple joke can effectively deliver the message. The punch-line at the end makes the ad quite powerful. A bonus - the dad is really funny! Good job.  

Яаакко Вейола (Jaakko Veijola) – Partner, Creative  Director Wörks (Финляндия)

Gold - Team 1: Creative approach shows why it is so absurd and ridiculous to avoid those important discussions. Production value on a good level.

Silver - Team 8: Simple metaphorical idea erasing both physical and parental emotions.

Bronze - Team 2: “There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth.” Insight is clear and clever. 

Лалиндра Найаккара (Lalindra Nayakkara) – Executive Creative Director Leo Burnett (Шри-Ланка)

Gold – №7

Fresh approach. Has explored on execution. Good effort on keeping the commercial engaging with audience.

Silver – №8

Good idea and execution. Becomes a bit predictable when its dragged on for too long. Would have been better to keep to a few stronger ones an get the message quicker.

Bronze – №2

Good idea. Execution can improve to make it more surprising and entertaining. 

All 3 the winners have good human insights that make the commercials memorable. Well done. 

Питер О’Двайер (Peter O’Dwyer) – Creative Director of Havas Ireland (Ирландия)

GOLD - No2

Get the message across in a way that doesn’t scare and has understanding


Clever insight as so many parent never have the conversation


A simple approach, but it worked for me.

Напомним, что победители в категории Cyber, PR, Client, Design были названы 15 марта и прочитать о них можно здесь.

Все работы "Молодых львов" 2017 можно увидеть здесь.

А напоминает, что ежегодно наши диггеры\собкорры отправляются на Каннский фестиваль рекламы и в формате репортажей рассказывают о важнейших моментах этого события. В этом году команда репортеров также будет вести хронику мероприятия и следить за конкурсными баталиями, поддерживая представителей Беларуси. 
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