Все победители Young Creatives Belarus Competition 2016

21 Марта 2016 marketing.by 8983 2 Cannes Lions

18 марта стали известны победители отборочного конкурса Young Creative Belarus 2016 в номинациях Design, Print, Film.  Дополнительно организаторы конкурса предоставили протоколы жюри с мнениями и оценками.


Лорен Маффео (Lauren Maffeo), Великобритания – Content Specialist ”Aha! Roadmap software”,

Первое место – Команда 6

I love this campaign's blend of bright colors with an eye-catching logo and strong visuals. It calls the target audience to reimagine themselves in a new, invigorating light.

Второе место – Команда 3

Along with a wonderful logo, I love the metaphor that this campaign represents. There is a saying: "Just as the caterpillar thought its world was over, it became a butterfly." This logo brings that saying to life in a way that resonates with its target audience.

Третье место – Команда 2

The eye-catching logo matches its call to action. It does a strong job of encouraging its target audience to be more active and engaged.

Рольф Легер (Rolf Leger), Германия –Executive Creative DirectorKolle Rebbe GmbH

Первое место – Команда 2

A simple and intelligent solution, loud and clear - a logo with two sides, but understandable, which is important. I would „GO“ for this one!

Второе место – Команда 3

Nice design with a meaning - beautiful.

Третье место – Команда 1

I like how they played with the logo in the corporate identity.

Рай Клифтон (Rye Clifton), США – Director of Experience GSD&M

Первое место – Команда 6

This idea is quick, visual, and makes the point in a single word. I love the graphic nature of the black and yellow, and the imagery is unapologetic, it shows elderly people doing things. Really awesome.

Второе место – Команда 1

Big Plus is a clever solution. I love how versatile it is in multiple situations. I also love the simplicity of the mark and how it can translate to many different surfaces, with different palates, and with negative space.

Третье место – Команда 5

I liked how this team took something often seen as a negative (the cane) and transformed it into something positive. The color palate was also inspiring, and the design was simple and crisp.

Джессика Апельяниц (Jessica Apellániz), Мексика – Creative V.P. Publicis Mexico

Первое место – Команда 1

Team 1’s logo felt like the must memorable and contemporary, because of the balance and color palette. They achieved turning the “age plus sign” into something positive. The inspiration derived from “movement” creates a design that encourages action in itself, something crucial that we want to achieve in the target audience.

Второе место – Команда 4

Team 4 approached the task in a fresh way. The inspiration from the writing world leaves room for interpretation and for different uses. It invites the target audience to actively participate, going from stopping to moving. I think team 4 followed the “keep it simple rule” perfectly.

Третье место – Команда 5

Team 5 delivered the logo with the greatest number of applications, one of the most important things in logo design. The use of the cane was clever, however, I don’t believe, the target audience would enjoy being related to that necessarily.  The logo and the palette seem unique and playful. Team 5 seems really talented, I wish they had thought a little bit more of their target audience.

Получив 2 Первых места, победителем становится Команда №6:

Юлия Брайчук
Кристина Молочко



Том Хэмлинг (Tom Hamling), США –  Group Creative Director at GSD&M in Austin, Texas

Первое место – Команда 1

I chose this as the Gold winner because it had a great central idea. Age is a not a death sentence. It is an opportunity to keep creating. Never give up. Great things are still to come.

Второе место – Команда 7

A nice simple idea that was well executed. Staying active can have a positive affect on your mood and your physical health.

Третье место – Команда 6

I chose this as Bronze because it is a fun take on the brief. Forget aging gracefully – age defiantly.

Рольф Легер (Rolf Leger), Германия –Executive Creative DirectorKolle Rebbe GmbH

Первое место – Команда 9

Just a nice and simple visual idea. This is always good for print :-)

Второе место – Команда 2

Cool 3D-illustrations, eye-catching with a smart idea.

Третье место – Команда 4

Nice perspective – from the view of a child.

Nice colours, too!

Тим Эгер (Tim Eger), США –  Group Creative Director at GSD&M in Austin, Texas

Первое место – Команда 1

The idea behind this series of posters is smart and simple, using clear examples of mankind's accomplishments that feel inspiring. The color is energetic and the layouts are minimal and clean allowing the message to be an immediate read. 

Второе место – Команда 7

It’s a fun idea to show two possible realities, letting the audience know that they have the power to decide which category they can fall in to. And it does so with a smile, not getting too heave and serious. Smart and eye-catching.

Третье место – Команда 6

Fun idea. I like that there is a concept here. It’s a fun and uplifting way to bring the message to life though the composition feels a bit dark and serious. 

Себастьян Арречедера (Sebastián Arrechedera), Мексика – Founder Arrechedera Claverol

Первое место – Команда 9

It is a very graphic way of delivering the message. It was the best art direction I saw. The observation exercise of ying yang with those two objects is interesting and setup the transformation of behavior we want from people.

Второе место – Команда  6

Old people in the out side but young on the inside is what I saw here.Sometimes a little bit of humor is good to connect and deliver the message. The art direction is no flawless but good enough for silver.

Третье место – Команда 1

The thinking behind this idea is interesting. Demonstrating that all the good things been created by humanity has nothing to do with age but creativity. Saddly the layout and art direction does not help to give the idea a better prize.

Марк Стаббс (Mark Stubbs), Великобритания – Director, DOP and Photographer

Перове место – Команда 6

Strong idea with good execution. Fulfills brief.

Второе место – Команда 2

Strong visuals combining child-like drawing with good copy.

Третье место – Команда 3

Good visual presentation using a prop normally associated with children.

Получив 2 Первых места и 1 Третье место, победителем становится Команда №1:

Елизавета Курочкина
Константин Лукьянов


Рольф Легер (Rolf Leger), Германия –Executive Creative DirectorKolle Rebbe GmbH

Первое место – Команда 6

They found a simple idea with a surprising turn in the story. They avoided clichés and did this with a single shot. Minimalism rules!

Второе место – Команда 10

Nice and emotional idea. Good use of casting and music. I like.

Третье место – Команда 9

I like how the story changes the direction, good idea – well made.

Том Хэмлинг (Tom Hamling), США –  Group Creative Director at GSD&M in Austin, Texas

Первое место – Команда 6

This is a nice inspiring way to show that life doesn’t end at 60. It just begins

Второе место – Команда 12

A poignant way to get the elderly to take the first step. Because you never know what life has for you behind the next door.

Третье место – Команда 11

A simple metaphor that everyone can relate to. So many things in life are more treasured when they age. Why can’t life be the same way?

Себастьян Арречедера (Sebastián Arrechedera), Мексика – Founder Arrechedera Claverol

Первое место – Команда 6

In a very simple but powerfull narration we understand that life doen´t ends when we retire. Is at the same time surprising and humorous to discover almost a rebirth after retirement.

Второе место – Команда 10

It is a good aproach to watch what your grandons feel about you to make you feel wonderfull and young again. Understanding that there are people who thinks you are wonderfull makes you think about your own sense of yourself.

Третье место – Команда 4

What better way of showing positive way of approaching to life in retirement year than seen old people laughing all the way to the camera? Those are real laughs thta becomes almost impossible nto to laugh watching it. And after feeling so much positive we understand thar it can mekes us live longer. Nice aproach to the brief.

Марк Стаббс (Mark Stubbs), Великобритания – Director, DOP and Photographer

Первое место – Команда 6

Simple but effective. Visually interesting with good humour. Good music.

Второе место – Команда 1

Nice change of direction in the middle. Questions the traditional role of Grandparents.

Третье место – Команда 13

Builds the scenario well. Nice humour.

Тим Эгер (Tim Eger), США –  Group Creative Director at GSD&M in Austin, Texas

Первое место – Команда 10 

This one felt like it could be very inspiring to the real target audience. This idea really hits on a truth that being here for their grandkids would inspire anyone to make change in their lives, and it was produced in a way that felt smart and tasteful. 

Второе место – Команда 6

Fun and simple way to show that old age doesn’t mean we have to stop enjoying life. Clever. 

Третье место – Команда 13

Solid idea. Fun twist to have it end on a happy note that you weren’t expecting.

Получив 4 Первых места, победителем становится Команда №6:

Ирина Фомина
Алла Дрёмова

Победители отборочного конкурса Young Creative Belarus 2016 в номинациях Media, Cyber и Client

Все работы можно посмотреть тут.

СОСТАВ ЖЮРИ  Young Creatives Belarus Competition 2016

Том Хэмлинг (Tom Hamling), США –  Group Creative Director at GSD&M in Austin, Texas

Currently, he is a Group Creative Director at GSD&M in Austin, Texas where both of his Super Bowl campaigns over the past two years have been ranked #1. His work for Avocados From Mexico won at D&AD, was ranked #1 by Newsweek and named "most-loved" by Adweek. His work for RadioShack won awards at Cannes, the ANDYs and AICP. It was named the "Best Spot of the Super Bowl" by Advertising Age, Time and the Wall Street Journal.

Prior to that, he was Vice President and Creative Director at RPA in Los Angeles, California where he led work for Farmers Insurance - a piece of business he helped RPA pitch, win and reinvent.

Before RPA, Tom was a freelance writer for 72ANDSUNNY and spent two and half years at 180LA creating global work for adidas, Sony, Boost Mobile and Bombay Sapphire. And before that, he spent almost three years at WONGDOODY and almost five years at LOWE NY working on notable campaigns for: Got Milk?, Lego, Heineken, Sprite, Art Center College of Design, KNX 1070 and Full Tilt Poker.

In 2007, Tom wrote and sold his first book entitled CELEBRITY VINYL – a satirical coffee table book based on his collection of albums recorded by famous actors, actresses and athletes. In 2011, Random House picked it up for a second printing.

Tom's work has been recognized with: Cannes Lions, One Show Pencils, ANDY Awards, Webbys, AICP wins, FWA Awards, New York Festival Awards and Obies. It has also been featured in Creativity's Best of the Year, the Communication Arts Annual, Archive Magazine, The New York Times and the Guiness Book of World Records. His work is part of the permanent collection at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Лорен Маффео (Lauren Maffeo), Великобритания – Content Specialist ”Aha! Roadmap software”

Lauren oversees content strategy at Aha! roadmap software - one of America’s fastest growing SaaS companies based in Menlo Park, California. She authored the brand's first editorial guidelines; grew thought leadership to #1 in Management & Culture on LinkedIn in 2015; directed the brand’s first launch on Product Hunt; and initiated editorial partnerships including VentureBeat and General Assembly.

Lauren previously worked as a contributing writer for some of the Web’s most well-read news sites, including The Guardian, The Next Web, Mic, and more. Her writing has been cited by The Atlantic, Huffington Post, and the textbook, “Digital Innovations for Mass Communications: Engaging the User.” She is also a member of the Digital Marketing Show’s Power 100 for thought leadership in digital media.

Lauren earned her BA in Media Studies from The Catholic University of America, where she was a CUA Oxford Honors Scholar at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford. She went on to earn her MSc in Gender, Media and Culture from The London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Себастьян Арречедера (Sebastián Arrechedera), Мексика – Founder Arrechedera Claverol

Founder of Arrechedera Claverol (AC), pioneer of the Indies agency movement in the Mexican market. He created and produced a reality show for Volkswagen to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand in Mexico and reaffirmed the position as the Branded Content leader agency in the country.

With AXA, Bimbo, Bridgestone, Interjet, Izzi, Lenovo Latam, Sordo Madaleno and Volkswagen among others, AC  has won the award "Agency of the Year“ in the IAB awards 2015, Independent Agency of the Year” in the Creative Circle of Mexico in 2013 and two Grand Prix in 2014 (Film and Promo).

In 2010, Adlatina magazine named him as one of 20 most important creatives of the decade.

In 2000, Sebastián arrived from Venezuela to work at DDB Mexico. During those years as Chief Creative Officer the agency won the award “Agency of the Year” 6 years in a row.

In 2015, he was Film Jury at Cannes Lions. In 2014, was President of the Jury of Direct Marketing at Iberoamerican Festival “El Sol” and President of the Jury of Cyber in Círculo de Oro 2014 the most important festival of creativity in Mexico. He also was jury at FIAP (2015) Clio (2007) and El Sol San Sebastian (2007).

He had won Cannes, Clio Award, One Show, but in his words, “Young Creatives Gold in 1999 at Cannes representing Venezuela was the best”.

• Founder of "El Semillero" a program in Mexico City that educated creative students during 5 years to detect talent for the advertising agencies.

• Standup comedian.

• Social Activist. Founder of @ElEfectoEco a digital movement that promotes freedom of speech and human rights.

Маттиас Боньер (Matthias Bonjer), Германия – Managing Director Zucker.Kommunikation GmbH

MATTHIAS BONJER, M.A. (Communication Studies), born in 1967, is as managing partner responsible for digital PR strategies and campaign creation. Further he is researching about the impact of PR instruments, about digital client presences (owned media) and traditional media. He is married with two children, is looking avocational over a collection of fine arts and plays bass in a band.

Zucker.Kommunikation is an independent agency for communication that is focussing on modern ways of public relations. Founded 1998 in Berlin, Zucker.Kommunikation is in charge of communication for brands and companies like Amazon, Flower Council Holland, Expedia, Foot Locker, Moleskine, Plantronics, KPM and much more. German PR-Ranking (2014) listed Zucker.Kommunikation among the top5 lifestyle agencies nationwide. Campaigns for ImmobilienScout24, Diakonie, Johanniter, Direct Line and Fleurop have been awarded multiple times, e.g. with three PR-Report Awards (last time in 2014), World Media Festival Awards and PR-Bild Awards.

Since the beginning digital communication strategies are an integral part of the agency’s creative output. The multi-channel PR work includes campaigns integrating event, POS, Social Media and classic PR.The agency has 28 permanent employees. www.zucker-kommunikation.de

Тим Эгер (Tim Eger), США –  Group Creative Director at GSD&M in Austin, Texas

His Super Bowl campaign for Avocados From Mexico won at D&AD, was ranked #1 by Newsweek and named "most-loved" by Adweek. His Super Bowl work for RadioShack won awards at Cannes, the ANDYs and AICP. It was named the "Best Spot of the Super Bowl" by Advertising Age, Time and the Wall Street Journal.

In addition to those brands, Tim has had the privilege of working with some remarkable clients such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Domino’s Pizza, American Express, Goodyear Tires, Activision and Southwest Airlines to name a few.

Марк Стаббс (Mark Stubbs), Великобритания – Director, DOP and Photographer

Over 25 years experience in drama, commercials and music promos. Worked in over 40 countries worldwide including USA, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, Colombia, Malaysia, Thailand and most countries in Europe.Approximately 1500 commercials worldwide since 1990. Numerous awards. In UK campaigns include McDonald’s, Mastercard, McCain’s, Boots, Notonthehighstreet.com. Approximately 50 music videos.Recent promos in the UK : GHOSTPOET ” X marks the Spot”, SOLO45 ” Feed them to the Lions”.

Джессика Апельяниц (Jessica Apellániz), Мексика – Creative V.P. Publicis Mexico

Jessica studied a B.A. in Communication at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, while simultaneously working as a producer for MTV.  She later decided to try her hand in advertising, joining the agency S2 in 2002, originally as a producer and later on as a copywriter.

Before arriving at Publicis, she spent two years at Teran/TBWA where she received several creative awards for her work with Palacio de Hierro, GNP, Yoplait and Hoteles Camino Real.  She then moved to Olabuenaga Chemistry and worked with clients such as Tecate and Nextel. 

In 2005, she joined Publicis Mexico where she had the opportunity to continue growing with brands such as Domecq, Banamex (Citi Bank), MINI, Barcel, Heineken, and Paralife Foundation.  

Jessica has continued her success within Publicis Mexico winning the agencies first Cannes Lion award, an achievement she has repeated every year since.  Her group also won the first D&AD award for Mexico and other important international awards such as the Sol of San Sebastian, FIAP, London International Awards, One Show, Wave, New York Festivals, Círculo Creativo, Effie, Caracol de Plata, and Ojo de Iberoamérica. She has also participated in some of those Festivals as a jury member.  She currently hold the position of Creative Vice President within the Agency.

Рольф Легер (Rolf Leger), Германия –Executive Creative DirectorKolle Rebbe GmbH

Rolf Leger could have still be touring as a guitarist for a Noise-Rock Punk Band as he did throughout the 90s. Yet something made him reconsider his life as a rocker. He led his creativity into more suitable path. In 2001 he took a position of a Junior Art Director at the legendary German Springer & Jacoby agency. The career choice proved itself to be right, since the beginning he has won numerous International Awards, from Clios to Cannes Lions.

Rolf Leger then moved to Jung von Matt working mostly for BMW. For the last nine years he has been wor- king at Kolle Rebbe agency in Hamburg as a Group Creative Director, working on such brands as Google, YouTube, Nike, Ritter Sport, TUI, Deutsche Telekom, Bionade and many more. The succesful work for all those brands and numerous Awards terminaly led to his promotion to Executive Creative Director.

He is a member of the ADC Germany and has been a juror for the Cannes Lions, ADC of Europe and several other ad festivals for many years.

Currently Rolf Leger lives in a little house near Hamburg with his wife and two kids. Unfortunately for his family he still plays guitar loudly in his sparse free time.

Рай Клифтон (Rye Clifton), США – Director of Experience GSD&M

14 years of agency experience. Things you will find on Rye Clifton’s desk – a 3D Printer, soldering iron, 2-3 laptops, sketches, schematics and Japanese candy. Clifton likes solving problems in new and unorthodox ways. He doesn’t think advertising and marketing. He thinks solutions. And then he builds them.

In his short time at GSD&M, Clifton has been part of some of our most recognized work. He was part of the Super Bowl teams for RadioShack and Avocados from Mexico and helped bring life to Partners in Pethood for PetSmart. During SXSW he helped create AvoidHumans, a web app that helps people escape the craziness and crowds that take over downtown Austin.

Currently, he along with Derek Dollahite, head up the agency’s recently announced experience design department. For this, Clifton and Dollahite will work across all GSD&M teams to offer a new approach to creative marketing and advertising to its clients with innovative storytelling—and still focus on driving brands with a purpose.

 While at The Barbarian Group, Clifton managed projects for Sears and NASDAQ. He worked on the concept, media plan, and launch of The GE Show and helped CNN imagine and architect new tools for consuming news. He also worked with such clients as ESPN The Magazine, Kashi, Samsung, and Lenovo.

His experience includes everything from fully integrated brand campaigns, product launches, and traditional media to interactive installations, product development, and content creation. And just yesterday Clifton made electricity, which he hasn’t stopped talking about.

Эстебан Сакко (Esteban Sacco), Мексика – Founder & Partner, Chief Creative Officer Sparkling Mexico

After working for over 20 years for other agencies, together with his two partners he founded his own agency: Sparkling.

While they work on writing this new story, here's a bit of history:

Graduated in Graphic Arts from the Universidad del Trabajo and from Universidad ORT in Uruguay, he worked at Young & Rubicam as VP and Chief Creative Officer, in JWT Mexico and DDB Mexico as Executive Creative Officer and Head of Art, and in IN Euro and Y&R Uruguay as Group Creative Director and Head of Art.

He has developed local, regional and global campaigns for clients such as Absolut Vodka, Bacardi, Cadbury-Adam’s, Mexican Red Cross, Energizer, FedEx, Ford, Gatorade, Danone Group, Michelin Group, Harley Davidson, HSBC, Kimberly Clark, Land Rover, LG, McDonald’s, MasterCard, Nestlé, Nike, Pfizer, Philip Morris, Samsonite, Save the Children, Sedal, Telefónica-Movistar, The Coca Cola Company, Timberland, Unicef, Volkswagen, among others.

He was won over 500 awards in local and international festivals, such as Cannes Lions, One Show Club, British DA&D, ANDY Awards, Clio Awards, Art Directors Club New York, London International Awards, El Sol de Bilbao, FIAP, The New York Festivals, El Ojo de Iberoamérica, EFFIE Awards, 1 Press Grand Prix in El Ojo de Iberoamérica, 5 Grand Prix in the Creative Circle in Mexico, 5 Grand Prix in the Creative Circle in Uruguay and the Cannes Young Creative Award in 1999 and in 2000.

He was Judge at the Cannes Lions, the London International Awards, the New York Festival, El Sol Bilbao, FIAP, El Ojo de Iberoamérica, El Cóndor de Ecuador and the Creative Circle in Mexico and Uruguay. In July 2012 he has selected as President of the Jury in the Regional Festival of Central America, held in the city of Antigua, Guatemala. Last year he was selected President of the Jury in the Creative Circle in Mexico (the most important local awards).

He has taught Creativity and Art Direction in the creativity school of DDB Mexico (El Semillero) and the creativity school Underground in Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. Currently he is the academic director of Underground Mexico.

He has also given seminars and Creative and Art Direction workshops in several universities in Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay and in the Creative Circle in Mexico and Uruguay.

In 2009-2010, Esteban was named Vice-president of the Creative Circle in Mexico, institution of which he was part of the Board of Directors several times.

In 2010 and 2012, he was chosen as “The Best Creative Director in Mexico” by the most renowned creative specialists in all Spanish-speaking countries, during the El Ojo de Iberoamérica Festival. Furthermore, in this latest edition of the festival he was ranked 9 in the ranking of top Creative Directors from all Spanish-speaking countries.

In 2013, Esteban was named one of the ten most important creative directors in LATAM by Adlatina, which is the most important advertising and marketing magazine for the Latin American region.

Сьюзан Лилли (Susan Lilley), США – Director Americas Movie Network NCM, Cannes Lions US Representative

1997 to Present:  Have worked for the three U.S. Representatives to the Cannes Festivals. Responsibilities Include:  Organizing Young Lions competitions, facilitating U.S. entries, U.S. delegates, Festival week programs and celebrating the U.S. Cannes Lions winners each year.

Prior Experience Included:  Media planning experience at a major agency; Owner of a recruitment firm placing media & marketing executives.

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