Первые победители и шорт-листы Belarus Young Creatives 2017 с комментариями жюри

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15 марта в культурном центре "Корпус" были названы первые победители конкурса Belarus Young Creatives 2017. Приводим списки призеров и шорт-листы в категориях Film и Print, а также комментарии жюри. Все работы конкурсантов, напомним, можно посмотреть ЗДЕСЬ.

Тема конкурса в этом году звучит как "Разговаривай со своим ребенком" и посвящена проблеме общения родителей и подростков о безопасном сексе.

Получив 2 Gold, победителем конкурса DESIGN становится Команда №7: Ольга Абрамчук, Андрей Печерский 

07_новый размер.jpg

Комментарии жюри: Марио Пур (Mário Poór) – Creative Director Respect APP (Словакия)

Gold - Team #07

The quotation marks are good symbol for the communication. Quite similar to work #01 but here it works better. Symbol transformed as a dialogue of two persons is nice. Easy understandable, visible and catchy in OOH, homogenous. 

Silver - Team #03

I like the combination of icons and gaps in this storytelling. It's memorable and uncommon. 

Bronze - Team #06

Really nice work with the logo and "claim". I like also the use of calm colours and transparent effect. It's all well done and works great all together. 

Осси Хонканен (Ossi Honkanen) – Art Director, Creative Director Hasan Partners (Финляндия)

Gold - Entry no. 2 "talk + sex"

When a piece of work just kicks you in the feels, you know you have something extraordinary. This immediately felt like something that could work with the target age group; fresh, simple, contemporary and unforced. Like the campaign suggests to do, this design talks directly about the subject.

Silver - Entry no. 3 "talk about s_x"

Leaving something out makes this route hit a lot harder. Looks contemporary, stands out and disrupts you by making you fill in the blanks. 

Bronze - Entry no. 6 "transparent talk"

A nice piece of work, clean, professional and standing out from the competition. The design proves its power by easily turning into applications and still remaining understandable and personal. 

Лалиндра Найаккара (Lalindra Nayakkara) – Executive Creative Director Leo Burnett (Шри-Ланка)

Gold – #7

Strong icon. Good use of colour and design balance. Though it doesn’t hint at sex issue it brings out the problem of talk between adults and children so can be used strongly to communicate the issue.

Silver – #2

Clutter breaking icon design. It didn’t win because the icon is too much male dominant. The issue is for females also. Maybe a cut pear could have looked like a vagina and represented the females also. Good thought on ambient.

Bronze – #3

Nice design and icons but when ‘lets talk about sex’ icon is expressed alone without the others its weak. Would have been more provocative and attention grabbing if the icon also depicted the sex act but in the same innocent box style. 

Получив 2 Gold, победителем конкурса PR становится Команда №4: Юлия Знак, Виктория Макей

Комментарии жюри: Мартин Мазаг (Martin Mazag) – Managing Director PRime time (Словакия)

Gold - Team #4

Via this kind of rumor I can see the opportunity to open this controversial topic really wide. It can be expected that spontaneously wake a broad discussion, therefore I consider this to be a great idea.

Silver - Team #5

Board games are a new phenomenon, and this campaign work with it the best – from my point of view. Parents can buy a gift with this games and it is good opportunity play with your children and open the debate. Cooperation with big brands (Ferrero, Dove etc.) on this project is also an atractive topic for media.

Bronze - Team #3

Viber is popular and developing platform – especially for this target group. Open this topic via Viber is a good opportunity to begin this discussion with your child or parents also live... 

Ароша Перейра (Arosha Perera) – Chief Executive Officer Leo Burnett Sri Lanka (Шри-Ланка)

Gold – Team #4 (Talk to your child!): Disruptive idea from a relevant insight.  Good use of PR driven channels

Silver – Team #2 (Sex Talks): Use of real stories and Olga to launch the board game was refreshing

I would not really award bronze as I felt the other entrants have not looked at this as a PR exercise even though there are some decent ideas.  But as you have asked for bronze as well…

Bronze – Team #6 (Parents talk day): Good deployment of idea via a mix of media including talking zones, website, print, video, social media… 

Теему Неглиц (Teemu Neiglic) – Managing Director, Omnicom Media Group Finland (Финляндия)

Gold - Team #_5 Valentines’ day.

“ It’s a very good, although provocative idea to link this topic to Valentine’s day.  This anyway boosts campaign’s possibility to create awareness and when linking the potential brands spreading the message, it can be a really powerful mechanism. Engagement between parents and children should have been thought more but the basic idea can be expanded to that direction in a next phase”

Silver - Team #_2 Sex talks

“Most comprehensive thoughts about how to really get topic to grow. Very good idea to start in a “stealth mode” and bring the UNFPA only in latter stages.”

Bronze - Team # _1 About this...

“Good concept to get parents in dialogue with their children. This concept is missing the aspect of publicity so it has a somewhat limited potential to really grow to be effective”.

Получив 3 Gold и 1 Silver, победителем конкурса CYBER становится Команда №1: Павел Самолазов, Евгений Стрелец

Комментарии жюри: Андрей Главачка (Andrej Hlavačka) - Effectivity Powered by Publicis (Словакия)

Gold – Team 01

I simply loved the idea immediately at first sight. It is a very simply but technologically very advanced solution. We all know, that bots and AI is taking over internet at the moment. Moreover, I still can imagine how embarrassing talking to your children about delicate topics could be. My parents had these issues when I was a teenager and I think some rehearsal and training would be really helpful to them. Unfortunately, they lived in times, this was not possible.

Silver – Team 05

Again, a very simple solution for the problem. Just few clicks and you get the message. I like the fact that the team has worked with well known people curiosity. I, myself, find it sometimes very difficult to resist clicking on something “unusual” popping up on social networks.

Bronze – Team 04

Taking an advantage of well known tools from Facebook was a smart move. Again, based on myself, I know that this sort of short videos would work and I would definitely click to watch it. And most of my friends would do the same. 

Энтони О’Рурк (Anthony O'Rourke) – Creative Director Isobar (Ирландия)

Gold – Team#5

For me this simple engaging idea cleverly pushes the responsibility back to parents to educate their children about sexual health. In an age were the internet provides a vast amount of information on this topic it is still the parents responsibility to ensure their children are adequately informed.

“It’s your responsibility, not the internet’s” is a very clear call to action and overall a simple idea, well executed.

Silver – Team #1

For me this idea uses Chatbot technology in a clever yet simple way. It allows parents to practice their conversations about a very uncomfortable and embarrassing topic for both parents and children.

The most important aspect of any conversation is tone and language. What’s being said and how it’s delivered. The ability to practice this uncomfortable conversation with a Chatbot is very valuable, and as a parent myself I would use it.

Bronze – Team#2

For me this idea cleverly alerts parents and children that it might be time to talk about sexual health. The internet provides a window into easily accessible sexual content that you may not want your children to see or at worst to be miss informed.

If your old enough to search for sexual content, then you should be adult enough to talk about it and this idea prompts a dialogue to begin with both parties.

Осси Хонканен (Ossi Honkanen) – Art Director, Creative Director Hasan Partners (Финляндия)

Gold – Entry no. 1 "Chatbot"

Clearly the best idea of the bunch. The kind, that makes you go "damn, I wish I had thought of that". This uses the media in a clever and effective way, sends a message and generates talk value. A real idea that I hope really gets executed.

Silver – Entry no. 4 "Adult birthday card"

This idea takes a convention and a media mechanism, and turns it on it's head. It also deals with a personal subject in a very open space, but with a very personal touch.  

Bronze – Entry no. 5 "Sexco app"

This is not an advertising idea, but an idea that should be advertised. When the target audience does what they do and tries to evade the subject, they are caught with their pants down. Sends a strong message.

Марш Доданвела (Marsh Dodanwela) – Director Digital Strategy Leo Burnett Sri Lanka (Шри-Ланка)

Gold – Team #1 – Dress Rehearsal

Why? The Team had a very clear observation and a very clean execution. The thinking is solid. The observation that parents are worried about making a mistake with their kids and therefore the creative solution of giving them an opportunity for a dress rehearsal through Facebook Messenger, addresses a real need.

While the Team did not employ multiple social platforms, this idea seems to actively help facilitate a dialog and becomes something that parents would recommend to their parent friends (organic virality). This idea provides a valuable solution to parents on behalf of the UNFPA, which creates a positive impression of the brand, which in turn helps the effectiveness of future campaigns.

Silver – Team #3 – Clone Profile

Why? This idea is strong in its ability to grab a parent’s attention with a deeply personal and surprising approach. It integrates the face-recognition technology and social platforms well. By seeding the idea through mom-bloggers, this Team is using the right set of influencers to tap into the target audience most likely to be concerned and engaged with this issue - moms. Whether it is the mother or father who actually has the conversation with the child, the mothers are likely to be the catalysts and information-seekers, so this approach makes sense.

I wish the Team had expanded upon ‘how’, once they have got the mother’s attention, they provide her with the personalized tools and knowledge she needs to have the conversation. The approach is good and I would have liked to see how they took it forward into providing the next step in the solution.

Bronze – Team #2 – Are You Adult Enough?

Why?  They say “timing is everything”. This Team provided a solution for understanding when the ‘timing is right’ to have the conversation. It tries to engage both the parent and the child as partners in a dialogue, as opposed to only alerting the parents secretly, when the child makes a search query – this would not promote the trust and openness needed to initiate such a sensitive conversation. So, good job on the observation and solution to engage both parties at the right time.

Again here, I believe that the Team stopped at ‘getting attention’ and did not fully explore ‘how’ their idea could offer a solution once they had got that attention. It seems like a natural next step to get the parent and child into a discussion now that the opportunity has been created and that might have made for a much more effective execution that benefits the parent, the child and the UNFPA.

Получив 2 Gold и 1 Silver, победителем конкурса CLIENT становится Команда №3: Елизавета Сырокваш, Арина Лозюк

Brief\Клиент World of tanks


Мартин Мотачек (Martin Motáček) – creative director at Wiktor Leo Burnett (Словакия)

Gold - Team #_3 In such a delicate topic like sex education, to start a face to face dialogue with your child can be very tough. By using the online space and a popular game, things get easier. The brief is clear, the product has a real chance to work.  The only question is, if this can work also on girls. How many of the World of Tanks players are females? 

Silver - Team #_2 Using a telecom company to communicate such a delicate theme is a wise decision. I can imagine, that the product could help families to talk about things, they usually avoid. 

Bronze - Team # _5_ A nice product with a good motivation to buy it. I could score higher, but the slimy joke ("Who is filling your daughter?") destroyed its chances. 

Теему Неглиц (Teemu Neiglic) – Managing Director, Omnicom Media Group Finland (Финляндия)

Gold - Team #_2 MTS. Reason to become closer.

“Clearest link to a business case. Well documented benefits for each parties. Good balance between strict guidelines and freedom for creativity to reach the targets.”

Silver - Team #_3 WOT. Fathercare KIT.

“ Inspiring brief with a tight link to actual business case. Brief is somewhat too detailed as it should have been clearer if left on a concept level. Brief is also missing KPI’s for UNFPA side”

Bronze - Team # _5  A100 who is filling your daughter?

“ Despite it’s horrible concept name, this concept has some potential. Clearly defined outputs that are expected.” 

Ароша Перейра (Arosha Perera) – Chief Executive Officer Leo Burnett Sri Lanka (Шри-Ланка)

Gold – Team #3 (Fathercare Kit) : Great motivation for the father and son to start talking about the issue, through relevant insights.  The Fathercare Kit is a nice little ‘device’.  Best fit for the company’s business from among all the entries.

Silver – Team #2 (Time to talk) : Good product solution that is relevant to the issue.  Good articulation of benefits for MTS, audience and UNFPA.

Bronze – Team #5 (Who is filling your daughter) : Great effort at connecting the most unlikely company of the lot (filling stations) with a solution to the issue.

Шорт-листы конкурсов, победители в которых будут объявлены в пятницу, в 19:00 в КЗ «Минск» на презентации Каннских Львов.

Конкурс FILM

Команда 1

Дина Василевич

Дмитрий Шенец

Команда 2

Владимир Варава

Анастасия Авдеенко

Команда 7

Никита Шумаков

Ирина Томай

Конкурс PRINT

Команда 2

Мария Хмара

Мария Кулинская

Команда 3

Ирина Зеленко

Лилия Назаренко

Команда 16

Николай Кривец

Дарья Стрижёнок

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