Best works from the Belarusian advertising and communications festival AD.NAK!

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We present you some of the most interesting and creative works from the 3 years of Belarusian advertising and communications festival AD.NAK!

Video “Budzma Belarusami!” (“Let’s be Belarusians!”), “Budzma Belarusami!” and Julia Lyashkevich

Grand prix (TV & Cinema advertising), aD.NaK! 2011

Budzma Belarusami! (Let's Be Belarusians!) from Budzma Razam on Vimeo.

Сivil cultural campaign «Budzma belarusami!» promotes positive changes in Belarusian society, one of its goals is overcoming the social dissociation through strengthening of national identification. as sociologists mark, Belarus is a country of «small, isolated social groups». One of social stereotypes, existing is an opinion about so-called “tolerance” of Belarussian people. This “tolerance” is usually understood as a passiveness, absence of active civil position and the opinion  that Belarusian history starts only in 1917 year.

To overcome these stereotypes an animated film “Budzma belarusami!” (literally - “Let’s be Belarusians!”) was created. Starting on 28th of May of 2011 year – the day of its presentation — film had more than 1 000 000 views at different video-hostings. paying attention to the fact that common number of web-users in Belarus is about 5 million people we can make a conclusion that about one fifth part of Belarusian population has seen the film. Its popularity is caused by the creative job of advertisement specialist Julia Lyashkevich, directing activities of Julia Ruditskaya and soundtrack by Belarusian rock-celebrities Lyavon Volski and alexander pomidoroff and the team of cultural campaign «Budzma belarusami!».

Film became a social imperative, provoking a bigger part of its viewers to feel the honour to be a Belarusian, it has shown common achievements, true historical heroes and helped to overcome negative models.

Online game “Who you were in your previous life?”, GETBOB Digital agency

Grand prix (Internet advertising), aD.NaK! 2012

Link to the project.

Lyapis Trubetskoy: Grai, adliga studio

Grand prix (Belarusian-oriented advertising and communicating project), 1 place (print & Outdoor advertising), 3 place (Design & art direction), aD.NaK! 2012

posters and billboards were created to promote concert of the famous Belarusian singer Lyapis Trubetskoy.

package design “Byarozavik” (“Birch Juice”), Folio-art

1 place (Label & packaging), aD.NaK! 2011

Folio-art studio designed packaging for a popular in Belarus beverage – birch sap.

Designer & bill collecting bags “Torba$”, adliga studio

3 place (Design & at direction), aD.NaK! 2012

adliga studio created these bags as an ironic allegory for the devaluation of Belarusian currency. Design combines famous images of animals, which were depicted on Belarusian currency in second half of XX century, with pictures of american presidents from U.S. dollars.

Kvas «Hatni», Michael Tumelya

1 place (TV & Cinema advertising), aD.NaK! 2010

This ad of a national beverage “kvas” uses the image of a famous Belarusian folklore character – “domovoi”. animation was created in the traditional hand-drawn technique.

art project “Freedom on paper”, Volya Kusmich, Yuri Sidun

1 place (Social projects in the field of art and culture)

Link to the project.

Kvas “Staradgitny”, Vipline studio, Michael Tumelya

2 place (TV & Cinema advertising), aD.NaK! 2011

This ad was created to promote another kvas beverage, using national elements and decorations to emphasize national character of the beverage.

packaging of alcoholic beverage MaRaZULa

2 place (Label & packaging), aD.NaK! 2010

Labels are made with the usage of authentic designs and characters from Middle age Belarus. Each shows a different ceremonial dance from that time.

about the Festival

In 2013 the aD.NaK Festival will be held for the 4th time in Minsk, Belarus. It’s a social problem in the country that people neglect our native language in favour of more common Russian. The main objective of the Festival is to interest specialists in advertising and creating communications in Belarusian language.

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